Discover How To Cut Operating Expenses with a Carbon-Free Building with Renewable Energy With "NO UPFRONT COSTS!"

By Ken Stout

Take Control and Insure Against High Inflationary Energy Cost!

Before It’s ENFORCED (And More Expensive!)

Learn the Four Top Factors for a Homeowner, Business, or Non-Profit, in

"How to Upgrade to a Carbon-Free Zero Net Energy Building with Solar, Storage & Beyond!"

There’s an increasing expectation from investors, the Government, and customers for all homes and businesses, no matter how big or small, to go “green.” Soon, it won’t be an exception, it will be the law. In the near future, Carbon-Free ZNE-Zero Net Energy Mandates will be required by each unique Authority having Jurisdiction throughout the United States.

Now is the time to prepare for sustainability and control of your own energy power to insure your home, business or organization is against high energy costs, rising inflation, and unexpected blackouts.

This is your chance to get ahead, You can afford yourself the time to put the right infrastructures in place. It will remove all the last-minute stress, costs, and logistical challenges you otherwise will run into and above all reduce your operating costs.

Inflation is "Out of Control" and now is the time to take back your power. That’s a given!

So, What Are The Benefits To A Home or BUSINESS For Going Green?

Many home and business owners often falsely believe that going “green” and reducing their carbon footprint is extremely expensive. When in reality, it is the exact opposite. Internally, going “green” is actually an effective way to reduce your operating costs, save money, and mitigate risks.

Cuts (Increasingly Expensive) Fuel Dependency

As non-renewable resources such as coal and oil are limited in supply, the price of traditional power is likely to keep rising. On the other hand, renewable resources are still growing.

Great ROI

Installation costs for renewable energy solutions have dropped significantly in recent years (up to 89%)

They allow the average business to save 40-70% on their electric bill. When you consider, the life of a well-maintained renewable power system is also about 25–40 years plus.

And the average time to pay off the investment is just 3 to 6 years... After that period, business owners can technically get free electricity!

Increases Property Value

As renewable energy solutions are soon to become the norm, any business or organization’s building with them already installed instantly gains value.

The price you invest will be reflected in the value of your property. From an external point of view:

Your business immediately gains value in the eyes of potential investors and your customers. You gain respect and credibility for reducing your carbon footprint.

Plus, Set A Great Example In Your Industry. This Is True For ALL Businesses:

  • Homes
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Small Businesses
  • Agriculture Businesses
  • Cannabis farms
  • Non-Profits
  • Churches
  • Municipalities
  • Utility Water Districts
  • Cities, Towns, Communities
  • HOA’s
  • Local, State & Federal Gov
  • Large Corporations
  • BioMedical
  • High Tech
  • Small & Large Farms/Ranches
  • And More!

In this free E-Book report, you’ll discover the 4 top factors for a home, business or non-profit to upgrade to a "carbon-free" zero net energy building with solar, storage, microgrids & other renewables and save operation costs:

Who Are We?

We’re Clean Energy Funding Solutions!

We cut costs AND carbon footprint for our clients. We partner with the #1 Home & Commercial Solar & Storage Company in the United States, that’s been in business for 35+ years with a proven reputation and record. Our combined mission is to help businesses and non-profit organizations retrofit their existing buildings to 100% Clean Renewable Energy.

For homes, commercial, industrial buildings, & agriculture, we deliver:

  • Innovative solar structures
  • Storage systems
  • Other renewable energy solutions

Most of our solutions are turn-key and easily implementable. It means the smallest amount of inconvenience possible for our clients and their business’s day-to-day operations.

This free guide is about us, with all of our combined industry expertise, providing businesses with BOTH:

  1. The basic knowledge you need to know about reducing your carbon footprint.
  1. A crucial headstart before these changes become a legal requirement.

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