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FIT Solar Lease Program. Lease your Property and help create renewable clean energy .
A feed-in tariff (FiT, feed-in law, advanced renewable tariff(1.3MB) or renewable energy payments) is a policy mechanism designed to encourage the adoption of renewable energy sources and to help accelerate the move toward grid parity.
The arrangement would require utilities to pay homeowners and businesses for power generated by alternative energy installations and fed to the electricity grid.
These "feed-in tariffs" present a simple mechanism for small renewable generators to sell power to the utility at predefined terms and conditions, without contract negotiations.  
QBD4CARY1R6HCA1DV6KJCA9CLBZRCASO7C9HCASIRNFMCAK79AN1CAX2HCTTCAJQMYK2CAPMTCDECAX57SBOCAZZ2WZXCAAVVK2HCAXXQL60CAL1WCA3CAMC7H7YCAFS83ZQCAQZO325CASWJ1QYCA2LOJ1SFeed-in Tariff is another type of incentive program that has been used widely in places like Germany. Basically it means that utilities are required to purchase a certain amount of renewable energy from solar, wind and geothermal to name a few. The rates that the utility pays for this power varies by technology and has been determined through scientific studies. In any cases the rates are usually quite high are are aimed at achieving grid parity (which is when renewable energy is is equal to or cheaper than grid power). In addition, FITs offer a guaranteed purchase for electricity generated from renewable energy sources within 15 to 25 year contracts and are generally offered to anyone who is interested in being a renewable energy producer. There are currently not many FiT programs in the US. Net-metering and Time of Use have been more widely adopted and are still offer pretty good deals in most cases.
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