Clean Energy Funding Solutions - Do You Qualify For "No Cost Solar" For Your Home or Business?
 How Do We Provide "No Cost" Clean Energy Systems Funding for you?
Clean Energy Funding Solutions is now providing Solar and Wind Energy Systems at No Cost funded by Pristine Sun.
Clean Energy Funding Solutions is proud to offer the chance for your home , business ,non-profit, private or public school, hospital, church or government facility to go green with photovoltaic solar power energy, wind power energy or solar geothermal energy without a No Cost financial investment.  One of the major drawbacks of investing in solar technology has long been the inability to take advantage of Federal tax credits. A solar power or Solar Lease for your Home or a "Power Purchase Agreement" or PPA arrangement, allows an investment group to own, install, operate, and maintain solar energy panels or wind hardware and lease the green energy to the organization facility at a rate that is lower than that of traditional utility power.  This program shows immediate cost savings and energy produced is typically set at a fixed price hedging against future rate increases.  The realized savings can be tremendous and there is even a prorated agreement for future purchase of the hardware allowing the facility to own the hardware for pennies on the dollar. 
Clean Energy Funding Solution's "No Cost" Funding & Financing Services 
Clean Energy Funding Solutions provides comprehensive funding and financing services for renewable energy projects of 2.5 kilowatts (kW) in size all the way up to 100 MW, with an emphasis on solar PV, Pool Solar , solar thermal, and geothermal. Our Consultant service provides the following financing and funding services:
  • Solar Leases, Prepaid Leases,
  • Sales of Solar PV & Pool Solar
  • Power Purchase Agreement / PPA financing.
  • Conventional equipment financing.
  • Numerous leasing options.
  • Loans and debt financing.
  • Equity investment funding for PPA projects (only after the PPA has been signed; no “Development Funding” capital is available).
  • Tax equity investment financing.
  • REC / carbon credit / TRC services: buy, sell, trade, including up-front cash purchase of RECs in some cases.
Our Solar Lease or PPA Solar System operates as the “on-site” utility** for your building. We install, own and operate the solar power, solar panels, solar thermal and/or wind power system on your property. You buy the energy generated from the system.
If you were to buy a comparable wind, solar or solar thermal system for your property, you would typically spend $30,000 – $50,000 or more to purchase and install the equipment.
Our Solar Lease or PPA Solar System  does not require you to spend any money up front and there is no down payment. You simply agree to buy the power from us for 20-25 years.  You can buy the system from us at any time.  If you move, the agreement transfers to the new property owner.
Thanks to advancements in solar and wind hardware mounting structures a configuration is possible for almost any location.  It is even now possible for the hardware to be mounted in a way that does not penetrate the roof of a building.  This adds peace of mind knowing that there is no way for a system to add to maintenance costs due to roof leaks.  Very attractive mounting structures are also available adding to the marketability of a structure, helping to market the green energy your facility is producing. 
A successful arrangement relies on sound system design, electrical and structural engineering, and professional installation.
CEFS is fully capable of helping you with renewable energy resources and reap the rewards of saving money while saving the planet.  We work in tandem with solar and wind hardware manufacturers, suppliers, investment groups, and legal departments to make going green a simple process without worry.
How does my building qualify for funding?
The answer to that question can get complicated so it's best to schedule a meeting with Ken Stout, a certified Clean Energy Consultant.  The most important considerations revolve around your buildings southern sun exposure, and the age of the building itself. 
Our investment funding group must have maximum output from the solar panels, so a large amount of available solar radiation is must.  The term of a Solar Lease or PPA is generally from 20 years or more, so the building must be expected to remain structurally sound for the duration of the contract.  While the best fit for a Solar Lease or PPA is a organization that owns a building or structure, it is possible to participate even if your organization leases space. 
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the very best service in the clean renewable industry.
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