Clean Energy Funding Solutions - Do You Qualify For "No Cost Solar" For Your Home or Business?
PPA Solar Benefits & Features:
PPA Customer Energy Price – This states your new discounted electric rate and your old average annual rate in kWh’s.
Energy Price Annual Escalator – An escalator is the fixed rate that your system produced electricity (kWh rate) will increase each year which is usually lower than the average annual utility kWh rate increase.
Buyout Price after completion of Term – You can purchase the system anytime in year six at Fair Market Value.  Price will be determined by a third party appraiser.
PPA Size (DC): Solar panels convert sun light into electricity in DC (direct current) .This is the size of your system in kW (kilowatt) DC Nameplate Capacity.  1000 watts = 1kW
PPA Size (AC): Your system inverter will convert DC electricity to AC electricity that is compatible to the grid and that is also used in your facility. This shows the production potential of your system in kW AC Nameplate Capacity.
Annual Energy Output – This is the approximate production of your system and the amount of electricity offset by the system per year.
1st month’s Estimated Bill – This is the estimated production of your system in the first month. The monthly bill will vary based usage and array production.
Deposit – This is the amount due when you return the Solar Savings Agreement.
Total estimated savings – Shows the estimated savings in your contract.  It shows the annual energy cost increase from your existing utility (standard is 6-10% in recent years w/o carbon cap); includes an estimated 20% savings on utility demand charges, where applicable.
Action Item - Please sign page two and return the entire solar agreement document along with your deposit. The site lease, design documents and exhibits will be completed during the due diligence phase of your project. You will sign these additional documents at a later date.                                                       
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